Remaining Healthy at Work

In my last Blog, I talked about the efficiency of time and transforming your working week into a well-oiled machine. I haven’t strayed far from that pledge in this blog where my focus is how to remain healthy and operate at your peak during your working week. ‘Cause let’s face it, you absolutely need fuel for the fire no matter how busy you are !!

It’s a little about mindfulness and memory, a touch of staying on track, a sprinkling of being organised and a whole lot of making it routine! We’re a nation of jugglers – work, kids, new opportunities, the unexpected events etc., These are often the priority and our health becomes secondary. It’s so easy to duck out to the nearest takeaway and order the quickest and easiest thing to eat (or even just a coffee as if that will fill you !?), then race back to work and keep going. Guaranteed once the evening comes, you’ll be so tired and likely head for that takeaway option again. It will satisfy the hunger but eventually it takes its toll on your health.

Recently my husband and I completed the Big Heart Hike for Henry, a total of 28.3kms, knocking a massive 60 minutes off our time from last year. This year I have worked hard to be fitter and stronger and I am so proud of myself.

I believe that even the busiest workaholics can have a healthier day just by integrating some simple tips while you’re powering through your day.

1.    Make Breakfast a Simple Priority

Mornings are hard, I get it. You’re rushing against the clock, especially if you’re feeding a family and organising kids for school. Breakfast is pretty crucial in kick-starting the body. Keep it simple with yoghurt and fruit if you’re on the go, or have frozen fruit ready to add to a smoothie with some coconut water. A quick toastie or a porridge bowl with fruit and honey will fill the gap too.

 2.    Keep it simple

None of us have Martha Stewart living with us so keep it simple and to your level of cooking. There are so many grab and go fruit and nut options now readily available and in multi-packs. Same goes for fresh salads. Meal-plan and have a cook-up day. I promise you’ll love yourself for being so organised!

 3.    Water, Water Glorious Water

Coffee is definitely the social height of morning routines for most whether it’s at home or at your fave local. But, drinking water whether you like it or not is truly an integral part of good health. If you have the time in the mornings, squeezing some lemon or lime into some warm water is gold for your immune system, it hydrates, aids your digestion and strengthens the brain, not to mention relieves stress with vitamin C and gives your body the best kick start. Get your hydration-station set up ASAP!

 4.    Try eating at the same times every day

This is all about routine again. If you have a specific time and routine for eating, you’ll be prepared, make healthier choices rather than rushing through a meal. Then when those exciting lunch dates come up you’ll enjoy them a whole lot more with more freedom in your choices.

 5.    Eat Mindfully

Be mindful when you’re eating. Don’t multi-task and be shoving down food while you’re tapping away at your computer. When you eat mindfully, you’re putting your mind to your food as you would work. Step away from work, slow down and enjoy and taste every bite.

 6.    Lunch Dates

Distracted eating can be quite bad for us, but eating in a social scene certainly has it’s benefits. Lunch meetings can sometimes force us to have a decent meal at this time of day. It’s great to get offsite, network, get out with colleagues and get some fresh air.

 7.     Make family dinners a priority

This meal is really important for families. Try to be present for this time to share a meal with your household. If you’re single, make dates with friends where you enjoy a healthy meal and banter. This is all about maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

 8.    Limit Alcohol

It’s so tempting I know. You’ve just finished a hard day of deadlines and you’d love to hit happy hour! While the occasional drink or two is fine it’s important to have alcohol in moderation, especially if your daytime meal options are severely lacking in nutrition.

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Developing a Routine to Transform Your Working Week

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Developing a Routine to Transform Your Working Week

On too many days, you feel like you're playing catch-up all day - you start on one task, only to decide that something else is more important. You may decide to make an early start, but the story is the same. By the end of your working day, you're exhausted - but you feel like you haven't really accomplished much. The good news is, you can turn this around. You can take back control of your time and lift your productivity just by applying a few new habits. Once applied, the more you’ll find that your new, improved actions become habitual.

The biggest step is change, and here is my top 8 tips to transform your work/life balance;

1.       To-do List

Start each day/week by making a list of the jobs you need to do and the things you want to accomplish. Include everything, even smaller tasks like checking your emails and doing paperwork. Allocate a priority for each. Whether you favour old-fashioned pen-and-paper or modern technology, there’ll be something out there that suits you and your to-do list. Microsoft Outlook perhaps, or a project management tool like Asana.

2.       Plan Your Work

When are you most productive? Morning or afternoons? Plan important tasks, or tasks that require a lot of concentration, for the time of the day when you’re most productive and schedule in the easier, less laborious tasks for your quieter times.

3.        Batch Process

A great way of saving time is by batch-processing smaller tasks such as making phone calls, responding to emails and processing paperwork into hour-long periods. Working through them consecutively will save you the time you would normally waste switching between tasks. Most people find that getting these out of the way first clears the mind/desk/inbox. It’s helpful to have time slots that can then become routine.

4.       Factor in Weekly and Monthly Tasks

When you’re planning your daily tasks and processes, don’t forget about those equally important weekly and monthly tasks that also have to be completed. Fit these into your weekly schedule and give yourself enough time to complete them in case there are any last minute problems or changes.

5.       Schedule in Breaks

Research shows that people who take regular breaks are more productive than those who attempt to power through without stopping for lunch. Find out what works best for you – but take time out, it will allow you to recharge and get you in the right state of mind to fully concentrate on work again.

6.       Plan for Distractions

Like most people on the planet, you’re probably aware that social media and mobile phones are huge time wasters. You just mean to click on your Facebook page for a quick catch-up – and an hour later, you’re still there! It’s more sensible to plan for these distractions and factor them into your day. When you have your scheduled break, use that time to for a quick flutter on your socials. By making them a part of your routine, you can limit the amount of time you waste on these.

7.       Use Technology to Help You

Technology can be so distracting – but it can also be a time management saviour! There are a host of Productivity apps such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Toggl, Zoom, Lastpass, Grammarly that all have their purpose. These are super tools you can rely on to work faster and more efficiently by helping you keep organised, on task, and bring order to your day. Experiment and see what works best for you - just don't waste too much time on it as that would be counter-productive!

8.       Stick to It

Don’t expect any of this to be easy. Changing a lifetime’s worth of bad time management habits won’t happen overnight. Once you’ve found a routine that works for you, the hardest part is sticking to it! Whatever you do, persevere. You can do this – and it will become easier with every day that you do!

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